What Is A Sales Funnel? And How To Build A Sales Funnel

November 20, 2012

by Darrel Andrews

in Internet Marketing

So, What is a sales funnel?

Well we all know what a funnel is right…

And so the sales funnel is a simple way to represent the sales process for effective network marketing so that it can be easily understood.

Here is a sales funnel diagram below.

I will also tell you exactly what I did to build my sales funnel, where people go wrong, how it works, and the most effective and easiest way to build your very own sales funnel.

Sales Funnel Diagram

 What Is A Sales Funnel? And How Does How It Work?

Marketing actions (your work and effort) drive traffic into the wide end of the sales funnel.

The contact information for each prospect is captured with a capture page. This builds your list.

Using a tool such as an email auto responder helps you to develop relationships with the people on your list and give you a way to continually communicate so that they can get to know, like, and trust you.

That communication, and trust continues through various means such as your blog, Facebook account, videos, phone calls, webinars, meetings, etc…

This continues to build the relationship with the end result being that some of your prospects will buy your products or services your offering.

Where People Go Wrong With A Sales Funnel?

Most network marketers have this sales process totally reversed. They are busy pitching their business to everyone who comes within three feet of them.

This process has been abused and tends to result in massive rejection and disappointment, particularly for those people new to the Industry.

When you are dealing with someone that you already know, such as friends or family members, there is no need to bother with trying to put them through a sales funnel.

You should already have trust with these people and thus showing them your products and services right off the bat is fine.

How To Build A Sales Funnel

Good News, you don’t have to.

This is the reason why I joined Empower Network, most people quit before they finish building their sales funnel, because it can get technical and be time consuming, and when people do finish their sales funnel it usually doesn’t turn out any good, it fails to convert ANY sales.

So for me, I just decided to let the best people in the world take care of the sales funnel and all I have to do is get traffic to my funnel. (very empowering stuff)

You can go here to learn more about Empower

The 3 Most Important Tools For A Sales Funnel

#1 – A variety of lead capture pages - To capture your prospects email and build your list, here’s an example of 0ne of many capture pages you get from Empower Network

Lead Capture Page example

#2 – A email auto-responder - This helps you to develop relationships with the people on your list and give you a way to continually communicate so that they can get to know, like, and trust you.

#3 – A Blog - Look, this is just a must have for any online business. But this is where you build up traffic so you can get your visitors into your sales funnel.

Nevertheless, I hope now you’re getting a better understanding on what a sales funnel is and how it works.  But ultimately to get a even better understanding and to gain more knowledge on sales funnels.

Your best bet is to jump into a sales funnel and go through one yourself.

Makes sense?

Check Out The Perfect Online Sales Funnel HERE

This is ‘hands down’ the BEST sales funnel online to date.

When you go through you will understand and the best part, is that I didn’t build or create any part of this sales funnel. I just plugged into Empower and started using it.

Everything is explained once you go through, remember you can actually use this sales funnel yourself as-well but first you must go through it.

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To your empowering success,

Darrel Andrews

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