Residual Income Ideas Along With The Best Idea

November 29, 2012

by Darrel Andrews

in Make Money Online

So I’m just gonna cut straight to the chase.

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With that being said I will give you some residual income ideas that I wasn’t too keen on doing.

I have always been looking for ways to make residual income as working a job the rest of my life was something that I was not keen on doing especially when the job that I was doing was bricklaying.

Most of the residual income opportunities that I came across were either difficult, involved talent that I didn’t have, or they were expensive to start and had a large investment, which was money that I didn’t have. Plus, I’m no good at saving money.

But I did find something that was cheap to start, does not involve a high amount of skill, low risk, fun to do, and can bring you a high amount of residual income.

I will get to more about that further down the post but first here are a few residual income ideas that I was not that keen on doing.

Residual Income Ideas

1. Investment property

Buy a house and have people rent it.  If I were to buy a house I would have to sacrifice half my life in not being able to do the luxury things that I want to do, because I would have to put in most of my income into the investment property, and I would still be stuck at my job for most of my life

If you were to buy a investment property you need another stream of residual income to pay it off and too get your next one, paying it off through your job and the tenets, isn’t the fastest way too financial freedom.

Do you own a property?  if so, ask yourself this

“is it an asset or a liability?”

Investment properties come later down the road too success.

2. Become a musician, write a book, create a invention, ect.

All these can bring in a huge residual incomes, but they involve a high amount of skill and talent. This is something that you really need to love doing and have the passion for it.

If you have the passion for it and you work hard at it and have the determination to succeed at it than I believe you will make it and bring in some HUGE residual income.

This was just not for me.

3. Stock market

I don’t know too much about the stock market.  From my point of view, I’m going to say that it’s a bit like gambling but if you know what your doing the odds can be in your favor.

This is high risk but than again if you’re planing on generating any stream of residual income you gotta take risks.

If you want to learn more about the stock market than here is a site that will explain how the stock market works.

This is just something that I didn’t gain a interest in doing.  Plus, I don’t believe the money is residual so maybe it’s not the best idea.

4. Multilevel marketing

Multilevel marketing is simply a way to remove the average person in the buying and selling process of a service or product and give the cost of marketing back to the customer.

If a business doesn’t need to pay for advertising it can offer the money as a residual income opportunity to their customers. This is something I have done before with a company called Amway.  I’m pretty sure we have all heard about Amway, yes yes?

Anyway, here is my story on Amway and how it went down.  I did take a good shot at it but didn’t make any money.  The problem with MLM is that all the multilevel marketing companies have very low compensation plans, basically they don’t pay you much for what you do. You would need to recruit an ARMY of people in order make $15k a month.

MLM is probably not the best-est of ideas.

5. Buy a franchise

A franchise is a turnkey operation that has through the process of trial and error created a successful system. The only thing you have to do is follow the system and then collect the profits.

But, the problem with buying a franchise is that you need a high amount of money up-front

Most other residual income ideas that I came across involved a high amount of money up-front.

What Is The Best Residual Income Idea?

I finally found something which I believe is the best way to build a residual income especially if your coming from nothing and have little money to work with, and also something that can bring you a HUGE residual income in the shortest amount of time.

This is ‘hands down’ one of the best ideas you can do.

And that is a system that I plugged into with the Prosperity team.  It’s cheap to start, it doesn’t take much expertise, most of the work is done for you, it’s very simple to understand and do, and they pay you 100% commissions.

Residual Income Proof

Here is a screenshot of the commission notifications that I receive: As you can see below the money come in passively.

residual income proof

I would recommend anyone who is looking to generate a residual income to take a further look into this site which explains everything about the Empower opportunity as well as the Prosperity team.

I honestly don’t think your going to find any better ideas or anything else easier than what you have in front of you throughout this site, if you’re looking to build a residual income

Empower is basically like buying a franchise but at a ridiculously low price ($25).  This is a PROVEN system that you need to take a look at. So, drop what you’re doing and GO check it out with the link below

Residual Income formula

Here is the Residual Income Formula that WE use.

  1. Go check it out
  2. Get in and take advantage of the residual income program
  3. Go make some money and go have some fun!

You can thank me later…

To your empowering success,

Darrel Andrews


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