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Passive Income Ideas To Help You Get Started

February 2, 2013

by Darrel Andrews

in Make Money Online

If you are looking for a simple way to get started on making a passive income, rest assure your are at the right place… for I am going to give you some great passive income ideas and I will also tell my simple way of how I started to build up a passive income that continues to grow every day.

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Residual Income Ideas Along With The Best Idea

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Passive Income

First off, I will say that this blog that you are on right now generates me a passive income. Most blogs/sites on the internet have a purpose, and one purpose only.. and that is to MAKE MONEY 24/7 .

This is a process known as internet marketing.

Internet marketers make millions of dollars a year by finding a valuable product, and then finding people who are most likely gonna buy that product… and connect the 2 together.

I have searched for many passive income ideas, and I have found that internet marketing is best suited for the average joe, to get started on building a residual income… because anybody can do it. But it does take time to learn and do.

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With that being said I will give you some other great passive income ideas to look at.

But first…

passive income ideasWhy Do People Look For Passive Income Ideas?

I assume that you have a reason, as to why you are looking at some passive income ideas.

Yes Yes?

You are most likely sick an tired of slaving away at a job eight hours a day every day? I was to.. Do not feel ashamed, as this is a common sentiment of most office workers and employes all over the world.

In fact, it is a collective dream of every working citizen to one day retire to a happy home with a loving family secured with all of their wants and needs for the rest of their life.

Only, this retirement does not come fast enough, and most people still find themselves slaving away at a job until the government forces them to retire at the age of 65.

However, this dream can become a reality with the help of passive income. With passive income, money can trickle into the financial reservoir even without having to work for it, and with enough sources, passive income can quickly overtake a regular salary enough to ensure early retirement. But what are some passive income ideas? Here are a few to think about.

Passive Income Idea #1 – Starting a Small Business

The most common passive income source is a sideline, or having a small business on the side. It is not uncommon for most people to have steady day jobs and have a small home-based business on the side.

Passive income does not need to be big. In fact, most of them will start out small, like a stream going downhill and eventually becoming a river that will flood the financial reservoir. Food stands like hotdogs and snack bars are good ideas, as a person can ask a relative or friend looking for work to manage it while the owner can continue on his or her day job.

Those with artistic skills and lucrative hobbies can turn those into passive income ideas. Sites like Etsy are full of people selling their handcrafted trinkets, jewelry, clothes, toys, and other such items. Other people offer their talents, like amateur photographers, or digital artists. This kind of passive income is wonderful as these people can do something they love while still being paid.

Passive Income Idea #2 – Investing in Stocks

Stocks are another form of passive income, though it can be tricky. Stocks rise and fall and if the player is not careful, he or she can end up losing millions in the game. However, investing in a slow but steady stock market is a wonderful way to earn passive income. The longer the person leaves his or her stocks, the larger the interest it earns.

The same concept goes for banks with time deposits. As people entrust their surplus money to the bank, leaving it for safekeeping for a period of time where they cannot touch their money, they can earn interest at a much higher rate than if they were to leave it dormant in a savings account.

Passive Income Idea #3 – Online Trade

One of the most popular passive income ideas is to start an online business. This is the most attractive as internet traffic gathers billions every day, while online traders are still free to leave their shop to do other things.

Buying and selling via online marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon are one example, as is buying and selling via social network sites like Facebook. Others choose to buy web hosting and offer web space for sites or ads for retail price.

You can check out how online trading works here:

Starting an online home based business is the option I took, and after 6 months of developing knowledge and learning the skills, was when I started to make money and started to build up a passive income.passive income ideas

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I would highly recommend this option to anyone reading this, and anyone who is looking to build up a long term stable passive income.

I currently have an opportunity that will teach you the basics of building an online business, and to start building a passive income, so you can live the life you deserve.

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You Can Thank Me Later.

To your empowering success,

Darrel Andrews

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Big Dave

Great post, Darrel. I also agree that Internet Marketing is by far, the easiest way to earn a passive income online. Amazon affiliate program can generate a nice income as well, especially when incorporated with niche sites. Thanks for sharing your tips.


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