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PartyLite Candle Review – Should You Become a Consultant?

September 4, 2013

by Darrel Andrews

in MLM Reviews

Are you thinking about becoming a PartyLite consultant? well, before you decide to join PartyLite or any direct sales company, it’s always best that you do your research about the business opportunity.

And pretty much there are two main things that you’re going to want to know before investing your time and money.

  1. Is the business opportunity legitimate?
  2. Will you be able to make money?

These are the two main topics that I am going to cover in this PartyLite review.

So, first things first…

PartyLite is a completely legitimate company and there’s NO scam, they have actually been around for quite some time now.

How long has PartyLite been in Business for and who owns the Company?

The company was founded by a school teacher named Mabel Bayberry in 1909. She started making candles from wild bayberries in her home.

ln 1973, a subsidiary, named Partylite Gifts, lnc, was created. At that time, only three people were working in a tiny office. But, in 1 990, Partylite was acquired by Blyth, lnc.

Today, there are over 68,000 Consultants around the world. The candles have expanded into an extensive selection of top-quality home fragrances and accents with 100 or more product per year.

The company has offices not only in the United States, but in Germany, France, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Canada, Poland, Norway, Austria, Australia, and Mexico.

Also, being an Australian myself, I can tell you that they first opened the doors for Partylite Australia in 2002.

Can You Make Good Money Selling PartyLite Candles?

Okay, so far we have a great company that looks very stable… they also have a great success story behind them and they do have some pretty awesome candles as seen below:

partylite candles review

partylite candles review

But, if you’re like most people looking at PartyLite than you’re probably looking at becoming a consultant to make money, right? and even perhaps being able to quit your job and make a living out of it.

If this is the case than what you really need to look out for and review is the comp plan.

The PartyLite Compensation Plan

There are a few problems that I have with how you get paid as a PartyLite distributor. Nonetheless, let me give you a review here…

The first way to get paid is just from regular retail commission. Basically, the difference between the wholesale price and the retail price are profits you keep.

There is not much difference between the wholesale price and the retail price, so you’re probably not going to be making much money from this way alone.

Also, to qualify and receive direct sale commissions, you must sell $500 in sales every month. When you are qualified, there are a few bonuses you get.

The percentage you get for a home show is 25%. If you exceed over $2,000 in sales, then you will receive a 7% bonus of the total sales for the month.

For example, lets say you made $3,000 in sales in one month, then you’d make a commission of $750 ($3,000 multiplied by 25%).

Also, you’d qualify for the 7% bonus because you made over $2,000 in sales that month so this means you will get a bonus of $210 ($3,000 multiplied by 7%).

Realistically, you are going to need an unbelievable amount of sales if you want to make any substantial amount of money. The main reason is because you’re receiving low commissions.

The secret to making LOTS of money in a direct sales company is HIGH COMMISSIONS.partylite compensation plan

YOU need high percentages of money and this is why I only recommend opportunities that pay out 100% commissions

Nonetheless, there is also another way to make money with PartyLite and that is by recruiting people and building a team, therefore you can make leverage sales from the people below you. With everyone below you on your team you make group sale commissions where you can make between 2% to 7% in group sales.

There are 7 leadership levels. The level you’re on depends on the number people on your team and the amount of money you’ve earned.

For example, if you were at the first level, which is called a unit leader, the following conditions must be met to qualify for group commissions:

To remain as a first level unit leader you have to…

  • Make at least $640 in personal sales each month.
  • Sponsor at least 4 consultants on your team
  • Your down-line, which is your team, has to make at least $2,000 in sales per month.

As you can see here with the PartyLite compensation plan you’re going to be in for a lot of work and you’re going to have to make a TON of sales, that’s if your goal is to make a full time living with the business opportunity.

Another downfall, is that there is no residual income side to it. With other opportunities once you have your business established and your income coming in each month, you than don’t have to worry about having to constantly sale daily to keep your income coming in.

Nonetheless, that is just a few things that you should think about.


Should You become a PartyLite candle consultant?

Well, what you need to ask yourself is…

  1. “Can I continually bring in the numbers to my home shows with people who are willing to buy my PartyLite candles?”.
  2. “Can I also recruit others who are willing to do the same?”.

This is also something that you must think about before joining.

Because lets face it, doing home party’s and trying to sponsor your friends & family is not the best way to make money with PartyLite or with any direct sales company.

This is an old method of marketing and it’s also a consultant’s main method for selling their products.

It is an old method of marketing. The main reason why most people fail in a direct sales company is because they are still doing the old (word of mouth) strategies of marketing.

Also, the problem with these methods of having home shows is that your market is limited. People have to take time off their schedules to actually drive to your home show whether it’s at your house, hotel, or some other venues.

How do you expect to market to people that live ages away from you? Limiting your customer base means your limiting the amount of money that you can potentially make with your home based business.

On the other hand, if you’re a person that is more into interacting with people by way of home shows, then this is definitely right up your ally. Also, if you’re a someone that truly uses and loves their products then I would definitely advise you to become a PartyLite consultant.

I would also recommend that you take your business online because you’ll have HUGE advantage in making sales and in growing your business.

People need to realize that in order to grow your business you need to establish a online presence using effective marketing strategies that the best marketers online are using today.

PartyLite Training partylite reviewed

If you want to get on the right track with taking your business online and to the next level Click Here Now and I will show you a FREE training that will get you started with making sales with your PartyLite business online as well as offline.

Do you have any experience with PartyLite? if so, let us know about it below. Also, if you’ve enjoyed this PartyLite review than hit us with a like below,

To your success

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