The Lyoness Scam – Is It Easy Money? Well Here Are The FACTS!

May 17, 2013

by Darrel Andrews

in MLM Reviews

lyoness scam

So, you may be thinking to yourself whether Lyoness is a legit way of making money


You may be thinking to yourself, why the heck is there a funny picture on the right of this blog post that is completely unrelated to the subject? –>

Well for a start lets take a look into the Lyoness scam… and as far as the funny picture goes…  well, I think I might keep that one a mystery :)

The Lyoness Scam


We’ve all heard this one before, the ever-so-popular pyramid scheme, which currently takes the form of the Lyoness scam. This pyramid scheme has been growing popularity among social circles recently.

Similar to schemes of this sort, it revolves around the idea of helping a person get their money back from purchasing items from their favorite stores.

There are also some claims that the Lyoness “program” is not a pyramid scheme since it relies on sales from stores for people to get their money back instead of taking money from people in a network but basically, when you plot it all down, it works in a similar fashion.

I was actually involved in a similar company that you have probably heard of before called Amway.  It’s all the same deal, as a matter of fact I actually did a blog post on my story of what happened to me at Amway.

Here is where you can go to check it out… The Amway Scam This Is My Story

Nonetheless, lets take a look into the Lyoness scam…

Lyoness Scam: Membership and Flexibility features

lyoness scamIf you’re curious about what goes on inside the inner circle of Lyoness members, here’s a little sneak peek inside. There are several different “levels” of membership when you want to join this networking group.

First, there ‘s the level that we mentioned earlier wherein members are able to get rebates from their store purchases.

Basically, this principle is applicable to all members from different levels in the organization.

In this particular level of membership, people are able to invite others to join the group. From family members, close circle of friends and even acquaintances can be reeled into the networking group. Every time you are able to sign up another member, you get an incentive hence it falls under the pyramid category.

Although everyone in the group receives rebates on shopping from particular stores, there is another level of membership wherein these people are the only ones that get additional incentives.

Those that promote the Lyoness networking organization worldwide are the only ones that get additional incentives from the organization. This is the other level of membership within Lyoness.

If you’re thinking that it would be a really big challenge to spread the news about Lyoness in different countries, well, you should probably reconsider.

Lyoness Scam: the history of the company

The Lyoness organization has thousands – even millions – of followers all over the world. As of 2013, the group has about 2 million members in the United States if America alone. This does not even cover the members from Europe.

lyoness scamThink about it, if you have this many people inside the group, and then the pyramid scheme does not seem to sound so bad since the money is revolving in a particularly huge circle.

But then again, the main concern on why its being called the Lyoness scam is that it still works in a similar fashion as pyramid scams. Even with lots of people in the group, there is still that risk that your money would not return to you soon enough or worse, it could never come back.

With Lyoness, it seems too good to be true but then again it might be your ticket to get yourself out of debt. This article is not encouraging you to run the risk nor to turn a blind eye to Lyoness. Instead, you should think critically about your next move.

There is a reason why people call this The Lyoness Scam usually from people who join these opportunity’s ‘do nothing’ and fail to make any money, so they just blame the company and say it’s a scam.

If you are currently in Lyoness and you are not making any money than you might wanna check this out The Prosperity Formula this formula is a start if you wish to make money.

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Hugo Villegas

The marketing by recommendation all work the same, it is your commitment to sign in people to buy certain product.

Lyoness in particular do not rely in one product.

Big companies already sell goods with no benefit for people, therefore through Lyoness you receive money back every time you buy through the community.

You already buy the same goods with no benefit.


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