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Is Empower Network A Scam? This Is Just The Reality

November 5, 2012

by Darrel Andrews

in Empower Network

Hi there, welcome to my blog & this post on the Empower Network scam.

So I’m assuming that you have heard about Empower Network & before signing up, you are doing your research to be sure that it’s a completely legit company & not a SCAM.

Well I’m going to prove to you right now that Empower Network is NOT a scam & that it’s a completely legitimate opportunity.

I will show you a few things that you need to look at before determining whether any business opportunity is a scam. I will also share with you some of my results along with others in Empower.

I will show you how WE the Prosperity Team can help you meet your goals & succeed in this industry.

So Lets Get Down To Business Shall We :)

So Here Is What You Should Look At Before Deciding If There Is An Empower Network Scam (or whether any opportunity is a scam)

ONE - Is There A Product?

With Empower Network all the products are digital systems, trainings & tools. If you do not find value in high-end education than this would mean that you believe that Colleges & Universities are scams. At the basic membership with Empower Network you get the most cutting edge training from the industries top earners & top producers along with a “Done For You” marketing system & blogging platform for $25/month.

And to top it all off you can resell their products & receive 100% commissions. If anyone is getting scammed here it’s the owners of the company David Wood & David Sharpe.

TWO – Is There Real Value Being Provided In Exchange For Money?

Thanks to the amount of value & education that is provided from Empower Network myself & thousands of others have been able to generate a high amount of traffic to their businesses & have been able to generate leads on a daily basis all on complete autopilot.

THREE – Are Other Members Of The Company Seeing Results & Creating An Income For Themselves?

And with Empower Network… OH YES! that is actually the normal thing with lots of members in Empower Network. I will go take a screen shot of the commission notifications that I get from David Wood & David Sharpe.

Also Keep in mind that when I joined Empower I had only just came online & had no experience with internet marketing, had no list, no nothing but a laptop with internet connection.

As one can see with my blog here that I have done a bit of work since I started, but I did start from scratch. Oh and for the record, I don’t do any paid advertising & have never done any paid advertising.

Any-way here is a quick screenshot that I just took of the commission notifications that you receive when you put the SYSTEM to work.

empower network scam

Now just to be clear here, there is no guarantee that you will make money with Empower.

As David Wood will say…

You might be someone who works your ass off when you see something like this OR you might be a Damned Wussy.

If you are someone who is coach-able & you are willing to put in the effort necessary & follow some daily action steps that we provide you inside the Prosperity TEAM than there is nothing stopping you from making a six figure income online.empower network scam

Check out the video below & see all the effort & work that the leaders & experienced internet marketers have put together to ensure your success when you join the Prosperity Team

empower network join button

Here is what they say about Empower and the Prosperity Team

empower network scamempower network scamempower network scamempower network scam

So back to the questions…

YES – There is a product?
YES – There is real value being exchange for money?
YES – Members of the company are seeing results & are creating an income for themselves

Put Simply, Empower Network Is Not A Scam

Which leaves me with my questions to you…

  •  Do you want to learn how to make a six figure income online
  • Do you want your own money making blog?
  • Are you willing to take consistent action steps towards changing your life & creating a better financial future for yourself & your family?

If so, than joining Empower with the Prosperity Team is your first step & I will look forward to partnering up with you & welcoming you to the Prosperity Team.

Join The Team Here

To your empowering success,

Darrel Andrews

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