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Is Amway A Scam? This Is My Story & The Truth

November 28, 2012

by Darrel Andrews

in MLM Reviews

Throughout this blog post I’m going to share with you my experience with Amway and Network 21.

Now I know a lot of people say that ‘Amway is a scam’ and others say that it’s the greatest opportunity of all.

So by the end of this post you are finally going to have a real answer on the Amway scam, because I have experienced it, and can only explain what the deal is with my story.

But first things first…

What Is Amway? And Is Amway A Scam?

Amway is a multilevel marketing company like thousands of others that have been around for the past 40 years. Multilevel marketing is not illegal, it is not a scam or a scheme, and it’s not rocket science.

It is just a way to remove the average person in the buying and selling process of a service or product and give the cost of marketing back to the customer. If a business doesn’t need to pay for advertising it can offer the money as an income opportunity to their customers. Which is a fair offer, there is NO scam about it.

Now, network 21 is a completely different subject.

What Is Network 21? And Is It A Scam?

Network 21 is an education, training, and support system for IBOs (Independent Business Owners) working with Amway. Now, I’m not 100% sure but last time I checked Amway did not promote Network 21 and didn’t have times nor dates of their functions on their site.

If a new training system came out and was exactly like network 21 but supported people trying to succeed with a multilevel marketing company lets say Avon, would that make Avon a scam? absolutely not. So you can’t say that there is a Amway scam based on that.

So is Network 21 a scam?

Well I will say that their education and trainings aren’t that great, their strategies and methods that they teach are just honestly amateur like for building a home based business.

I mean write down everyone you know on paper and hunt them down to pitch them your business opportunity… common really?

What about the millions of like minded people around the world who are looking for income opportunities online?. Why not have them come to you?

It’s a simple case of the “Hunter becoming the Hunted” and that is what you can do online: Become the Hunted.

As Bill Gates would say…

“If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.”

So I didn’t get the best strategies out of the network 21 seminar, but I did get some good inspiration & motivation which is very important to have when your chasing your dreams and your goals.

I also had a pretty awesome time when I went to a network 21 seminar and it was the first time for me being exposed to this type of business model.

I didn’t really see this as a scam in fact, I got something positive out of it, which is explained with my story below.

Is Amway And Network 21 A Scam? This Is My Story

I joined Amway with no idea what it was or how it worked, till I was invited to a network 21 seminar, and like most people I was sold on it straight away

I was so excited about the type of money you could make…  I mean $10k -$20k a month in residual income just from sponsoring people?  didn’t sound like a scam to me in fact, I figured it was a done deal.

So as instructed I wrote down a list of everybody I knew and was given a flip chart plan to explain it, and I set out to recruit my friends and family, and hardly anyone joined me.

I was dumb founded, I thought that everyone was gonna get in on this but all I got was people saying stuff like this:

  • “Ahhh, that’s a pyramid scheme”
  • “If it’s so good why don’t you buy me in?”
  • “That’s a scam!”
  • “Well, how much money are you making?”
  • “Ahhh, I don’t know it looks too good to be true”

What the HECK is wrong with these people?  I eventually came to the realization that these types of people are useless and just weren’t on the same page as I was.

Anyway, back to the story…

I spent money on Amway products that I didn’t even need.

My up-line was trying to talk me into going on CEP (CD educational program) which was $40 a month, I had already listened to a few of the CD’s and they were all basically the same thing, (motivation & inspiration) which was all good & that, but they didn’t really teach me any tips or strategies that could help me with my business.

Three months in and I was stuck, I stopped going to seminars.  I didn’t buy any CD’s because I was all-ready determined and just wanted some tips and strategies that would work, oh and also my up-line had a pile of the CD’s that I was listening to anyway,  and because of rejection & the FACT that it wasn’t working – I didn’t want to show the flip chart plan to anyone.

But did I quit like a little panzy – NO!  did I put the blame on Amway and claim it was a scam (like most people do) NO!.. I battled on.  Because of my mindset and my determination to make this work — I kept going… “like hell I’m going to give up and lay bricks the rest of my life” (was my attitude)

I started thinking and coming up with ideas that could make this work,  and so I figured that if I had a website that explained the opportunity I could get stacks of people to my site, better than meeting people one on one and showing a flip chart plan.

So I purchased a laptop got plugged into the internet and my plan was to sell Amway products online & also recruit others into the Amway business.  And so my journey online began.

I started gaining more knowledge about building a successful business online, I found great up to date methods, found awesome strategies, connected with great people ect…

And best of all, I’m in the MONEY!

Now I’m not that big on income claims, but check this out.

Here is a screenshot of the commission notifications that I get sent to me.  And these commissions keep coming in all on complete autopilot!

amway scam

I have found a system that WORKS!

And I am going to share it with you right now!, but first I just want to clear a few things up…

  1. Being smart does not equal a lot of money. (I’d back mindset any-day)
  2. Hard work does not equal more money (more LEVERAGE equals more money)

And one more thing…

The old traditional ways of building a business are being thrown out and replaced by fresh and effective ways of doing business that is so much more attractive and productive for even the newest people online.

* ONLY if you find the right SYSTEM… Gone are the days of:

* Telemarketing strangers after work, during lunch or after dinner…

* Hustling, chasing and pitching friends and family incessantly (really?)…

* Driving constantly to pitch circles in stranger’s living rooms…

* Awkward milk and cookie “parties” with defensive “guests”…

* Expensive and time consuming drives to hotel pitches and rah-rah meetings…

* Door to Door knocking…

* Compensation programs that promise “the dream” but deliver peanuts…

* Program “sideline politics,”

If you want to make a 6 figure income than you need to USE this  THIS FORMULA…

All’s I know is that it WORKS and you can make money on complete autopilot and it doesn’t involve any of the nonsense above.

Click Here And Check It Out

Oh, and if you are currently in Amway (quality products, if I forgot to mention that)  You can use this SYSTEM with this FORMULA to build your Amway business.

You can thank me later. :)

To your empowering success,

Darrel Andrews

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Hey Darrel, I like your story and persistence good for you. I am new to EN but can see the potential here for my business too. Finally the rain has stopped for us QLDers and everything is green.


Darrel Andrews

Hey thanks Goldilocks,

Hope all is well with your business.



Loved your blog, the best and sincere I’ve come across so far .. Joined EN a few of months ago and are putting my teeth into it also. We’ll inevitably cross paths some where in the future. Gold Coaster.


Darrel Andrews

Cheers Gravin



Hi Darrel,
Love your story, I started out in in a similar MLM company called Omegatrend which was a couple of rebel Amyway players who left to start their own business. I basically went crap at it (actually the Omegatrend organization it self eventually fell apart, god love ém) but it did open my eyes to the possibilities of making money away from the regular 9-5 job. Can’t help being a little sceptical still but a bit more research and we will see.
All the best


Darrel Andrews

Hey, thanks for the comment Dan.

Yeah, Amway actually took them to court & lost. Here is what I dug up on Wiki,

Omegatrend is an Australian multi-level marketing company. It was founded in 1990 in Perth, Western Australia by Loren Watts and Sandra Watts, who had achieved Diamond (the highest level) in Amway and built a great deal of the Australian Amway network.

In the late 1980s, Amway tried controlling its Australian network more than it had. Loren and Sandra Watts left Amway, founded Omegatrend and took many of the direct-level distributors with them. Amway took them to court and lost.


john wigness

to the amway haters I personaly think you are shallow minded people..I think to the ones are up top are rich has done the hard yards and investing in this buisness to make that much money where they can pay you back is a huge favor to us normal people..sometimes its not about money greed its just financialy freedom is all we after maybe not diamond level but founders platnim is plenty of help so do the math I personaly think they are helping thats what I think amway is just reaching out to help you in life financialy..thanks



Platinum is the level where you are breaking even or making a small profit. That’s a far cry from financial freedom.



Great story!!! I got recruited by the Latino division of Amway. They are WONDERFUL people and I’m learning more Spanish. Can you imagine me, an African American woman at an all Spanish Amway convention? I was intrigued when on the way to the convention they played this CD with an African American woman speaking then a Latino woman translating it into Spanish. That woman was Ruth Halsey & her daughter Karen. Ruth’s late husband George went triple diamond! I think that’s the wave of the future!!!!!! It’s perfect!!! It’s a way to bring people together. My sponsor saw me and heard me speaking Spanish at a store so she gave me her business card and I called her. I was doing another business so I had her in mind for MY business too. I’m definitely going to look & see what your system is!


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