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Advocare Reviews and how to make money with Advocare

March 19, 2013

by Darrel Andrews

in MLM Reviews

Note: I have recently change this blog post on the truth behind the Advocare reviews due to the fact… well lets just say that some people can’t handle the truth.

And so now I am going to give you a Advocare review of the company and whether Advocare is a good money making opportunity.

So the first thing that I want to clear up, is that Advocare is not a scam and that it’s a completely legitimate business opportunity.

And I just want to say to all the Advocare/MLM hatersadvocare reviews
out their that are reading this…   “Go take a good hard honest look at yourself over on the right” –>

And pull your head in… Bozo.

Lol just kidding, I have always wanted to do that in one of my blog posts :)

But seriously right now in this blog post I am going to show you how you can actually make money with Advocare without doing any of the traditional nonsense that most people do in Advocare and in the multi-level marketing business.

Is Advocare A Good Money Making Opportunity?

Advocare can be a great way to make money, but that’s only if you know what your doing. And It’s really going to come down to what you are doing to promote the Advocare opportunity and their products.

Because if you do the following to build your Advocare business than you will most likely fail and not make any money at all.

For example:

*Hustling, chasing and pitching your friends and family to join your business…

*Pitching your business opportunity in shopping centers/public to complete strangers…

*Door to door knocking (lol)…

*Telemarketing strangers, cold calling about your business.

*Home parties and rah-rah meetings ect…

Let me be the first to tell you that this type of nonsense just quite simply doesn’t work. This is the type of stuff that I was told to do when I first got involved in this industry, with the company being Amway.

In fact you can go check out my story here of how it went down:

Is Amway A Scam? This Is My Story & The Truth
Throughout this blog post I’m going to share with you my experience with Amway and Network 21. Now I know a lot of people say that ‘Amway is a scam’ and others say that it’s the greatest opportunity of all. So by the end of this post you are finally going to have a real answer on the Amway scam, because I have experienced it, and can only explain what the deal is with my story…

Nonetheless, if you want to make money in Advocare or in any home based business than running around hunting people down is NOT the way to do it.

You need to become the hunted. And that is what I can show you how to do right now by using this simple FORMULA that I use and that anyone can apply to start make money in Advocare or in any business that you choose.advocare reviews

Just click the link below fill in your email and check out the simple formula.

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With that being said I will now do a Advocare review of the company and the business opportunity….

advocare review legit or scam

Advocare review: Legit or Scam?

With the company’s business opportunity program I will analyze it according to framework, efficiency and compensation plan.

As a top producer of wellness and performance-enhancing products, Advocare is currently making waves in the US Multi-Level Marketing scene.

With over a hundred thousand independent distributors across the country, this marketing feat could easily serve as a good basis of the company’s sincere motives.

Still, the fact that there are several scams that have dominated the industry, makes it necessary to prove the dependability of the said program for the benefit of those who would like to participate in it. Though there are no red flags with Advocare based on the fact that it’s been around for well over ten years and has over a hundred thousand distributors.

Advocare Reviews Of The Company

Advocare entered the MLM industry in 1993 through the efforts of Charles Regus. Since its conception, the company has been distributing health and wellness supplements which are all proven to be effective.

It is the consistent positive feedbacks on the products which further propelled Advocare to the top, making it one of the most popular businesses today.

Advocare Reviews Of The Business Program

The company offers five ways in which an individual can earn profits. A member usually starts off as a retailer from which he earns up to 40% sales commission.

Those who have been in the business for so long and have achieved the rank of Sponsor may help the other distributors by sponsoring them. One way to for gain twice the profits is to sponsor more people.

Incentives and bonuses also await those who have performed well in their sales. These offers are typically extended to team leaders and Rookie Advisors.

Advocare Reviews – Efficiency of the Program

Based on the number of testimonials for Advocare, it is safe to say that the business program is indeed a profitable venture. The company even formulated a credit management system, which is aptly called DebtBuster, to further increase the income potential of the members.advocare reviews

This system aims to help the distributors in maintaining a consistent cash flow by following up on creditors and ensuring the payment for each sale.

Because of its success in promoting better business practices, the DebtBuster System has been awarded by the Direct Selling Association (DSA) in 2008.

Advocare has a well-structured business system that easily inspires people to try out.  Customers have developed trust on the brand and this has provided the company with a good springboard. It offers a generous compensation for all the hardworking members.

And again you just need to follow the right system and FORMULA if you want to successfully build Advocare and make some money and you can check out what I use that is proven to work and anyone can do it.

Click Here To See The Formula…

To your success,

Darrel Andrews



P.S.  What’s your take on Advocare? let us know below, have you tried their products?. Also, if you enjoyed this review help us out with a like here.

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This is self idolatry. Unbiblical. Ministry turned into a market place. Jesus would flip the tables.


Darrel Andrews

No good you say?

Well, sometimes in this business you gotta have some fun.



Advocare is a scam. They use a horrible pyramid scheme that makes it hard to earn any money. What a horrible experience this was. Plus, I have used the advocare product while I was an advisor, and found them to be less effective than the things I was using before. Stop Bullshitting people. Its and expensive ripoff that doesn’t work half as well as other products.


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